Dishes without Chilli


Choice of:
Vegetables and Tofu $ 14.50
Chicken, Beef or Pork $ 16.90
Prawns or Mixed Seafood $ 20.90

34 Ginger Dish
Stir fried with ginger, shallots and onion.
35 Mixed Vegetables
Stir fried or steamed mixed vegetables with your choice of sauce: oyster sauce, soy sauce, soy bean sauce, or Thai peanut sauce.
36 Sweet and Sour
Sauce Stir fried with vegetables and pineapples based on Thai style sweet and sour sauce. (Also available in Fish Fillets:
37 Lemon Honey Sauce
Pan fried of your choice, topped with lemon honey sauce and accompanied with vegetables.
38 Pla Jian (Fish Only)
Deep fried fish, topped with minced chicken, soy bean paste, mushroom, ginger and shallots
Fish Fillets $ 20.90
39 Garlic and Pepper Sauce
Stir fried with garlic and black pepper with onion and shallots
40 Oyster Sauce
Stir fried in oyster sauce with onion, shallots, mushroom, capsicum, baby corns, carrots and cashew nuts.
41 Roasted Duck $ 23.90
Roasted duck topped with Thai gravy sauce and accompanied with green vegetables and pickle ginger.
42 Peanut Sauce
Sauteed green vegetables topped with your choice and Thai peanut sauce.
43 Deep Fried Quails
Marinated quails deep fried served with sweet chilli sauce. Available in basil chilli.